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Overnetwork For Systems & Software Development.
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046 – 640-528

The company started its activity in Egypt in 2008 where it specialized in web hosting,

Then, the company moved to the software industry and the website industry as a side activity in 2009.

In 2011, the company moved to the construction of IT infrastructure for small and medium enterprises such as the necessary servers and specialized networking equipment to connect and protect the company’s hardware.

In 2015, the company decided to become a strong player in the field of systems and software development, where it become the most important field is (design companies systems such as stores, accounts and different sections with different interfaces, whether web or disk or mobile applications).

Starting in 2017, the company has many specialties in IT fields such as:

  • Provide hosting service and domain names .

  • Systems & Software Development .

  • IT Department Management Contracts.

  • Technical Support Contracts for IT departments .

  • Designing & building the IT Infrastructure .

  • Distribute for some of software brands .

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We are working instead of you
We are work in multiple fields
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Our Skills

Hosting Services 80%
Domain Names 90%
Web Services 60%
Technical Support Contracts 75%
IT Infrastructure Designing & Implementing 75%
Software Development 95%
Software Distributes 50%
Printing & Graphic Design 60%

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