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Enjoy Complete Piece Of Mind With OVERNETWORK Hosting

Secure Storage

Our VPS is designed with data security in mind. We use only enterprise-class server hardware. Have no doubt that your data hosted on RAID enabled storage array is safe with us.

Powered Hardware

Servers are powered by multi-core (14 cores / 28 threads) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. We pack 768 GB RAM into each node along with dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

The heart of Europe

Located in the center of Europe (Lithuania) we maintain our own TIER III DC. We can offer maximum security, reliability and best prices for your Windows VPS simply because we operate our own data center.

KVM-based virtualization

KVM virtualization enables provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources with near-physical server characteristics and the same management and configuration principles.

Instances VPS Nodes Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Project Needs

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Turn-key Plans

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Fully Managed Plans

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